17 Featured Farmers Announced for Indiana State Fair “Year of the Farmer”

2015ISFYearofFarmerLogo 280 x 200The Indiana State Fair is the greatest showcase of the past, present, and future of Hoosier agriculture and the Indiana State Fair Year of the Farmer presented by Dow AgroSciences proudly dedicates your Great Indiana State Fair to the farmers who make it happen. To honor and celebrate those who have committed their lives to innovation in agriculture, each day of the 17-day Fair will highlight a different farmer/farm family who represents a different element of Indiana agriculture.  These farmers, who were selected in collaboration with Indiana agriculture stakeholders, will be featured on daily highlight sheets for the Fair as well as participate in various events and exhibits all around the Fair. “Farmers are the heroes of modern agriculture, and the people on this list are amazing role models for this essential industry,” said Rajan Gajaria, Vice President, Latin America and North America, Dow AgroSciences.  “There is amazing variety in Indiana agriculture, which gives fairgoers a unique opportunity to learn more about the farmers who feed us all.” Below are the farmers/farm families, the segment of agriculture they are representing, farm location and their featured day at the fair.
  • Valerie Duttlinger—Swine; Gentryville, Spencer County;  Friday, August 7
  • Paul and Diane, Jeremy Russell—Sheep; Eaton, Delaware County;  Saturday, August 8
  • Dale and Lisa Koester—Corn, soybean and wheat; Wadesville, Posey County; Sunday, August 9
  • Mike and Susan Shuter—Beef; Frankton,  Madison County; Monday, August 10
  • Phil Overdorf—Chicken, eggs and turkey; Tipton, Tipton County; Tuesday, August 11
  • Jerry and Paige, Jason and Alison McClure— Apples, produce, wine; Peru, Miami County; Wednesday, August 12
  • Maggie Goeglein Hanna—Urban farmer, Indianapolis, Marion County, Thursday, August 13
  • David Lash—Corn and soybean; Mentone, Kosciusko County; Friday, August 14
  • Dean and Anita Stumler—Pumpkin; Fredericksburg, Washington County; Saturday, August 15
  • Luann Troxel—Dairy; Hanna, LaPorte County; Sunday, August 16
  • Karlanea and Daryl Brown—Aquaculture; Fowler, Benton County; Monday, August 17
  • Dan Wehr—Trees/hardwood; Jasper, Dubois County; Tuesday, August 18
  • Doug Morrow—Corn and soybean; Marion, Grant County; Wednesday, August 19
  • David, Mary, Adam, and Aaron Howell—Tomato;  Middleton, Delaware County; Thursday, August 20
  • Larry Wappel, Sr. ,Eric and  Larry Wappel, Jr.—Mint; San Pierre, Starke County; Friday, August 21
  • Cathy and Ashley Richards, Produce; Greenwood, Johnson County; Saturday, August 22
  • Ed Bell—Strawberries and fruit; Hagerstown, Wayne County; Sunday, August 23
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