Advertising Partners

Advertising Partners

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We are fortunate to have relationships with several different media outlets. The media arrangements are subject to change and oftentimes, we create opportunities for multiple members to participate in to keep our costs low. You may contact each rep on your own. Please let each contact know you are an Indiana Owned immediately and that you received their contact information from us.

Local Trend

Local Trend is a full-service direct marketing company, dedicated to helping local businesses grow and strengthen their customer base. Offering a unique portfolio of marketing solutions to reach consumers through the mail, online, and on their mobile phones, Local Trend targets over 200,000 thousand selective homes in the Indianapolis area nine times a year. Our new oversized 6″X11″ horizontal Magazine is Bigger, Bolder, and Brighter will attracts more attention, breaking through the clutter of the mailbox.


Edible Indy

Edible Indy is an Indianapolis, Indiana publication that celebrates the abundance of local food season by season. We are apart of the Edible Communities Publications with over 69 publications in North America. Our love is promoting the food culture and local loves of all things considered. We are always looking for great food stories of great central Indiana local business owners, chefs, foodies, artists, nutritionists, and anyone else who has interest in the culture. Indiana Owned members receive 15% off with use of the IO logo.

Indy Maven

Indy Maven is a lifestyle news media company connecting women who want to be in-the-know about what’s happening in Central Indiana through a robust website, a spirited social media presence, a like-minded community, virtual and in-person events, and more. Indiana Owned members receive 10% off ad rates.

Towne Post Network

The Towne Post Network is a franchise system of hyper-local magazines with supporting websites, mobile app, social media, and video production. Their mission is to connect small business owners to their local markets. Towne Post Network gives Indiana Owned members 10% off any advertising package purchased through their online store,


WRTV, Indiana’s oldest television station, provides a path for powering local economies. WRTV’s local and ABC programming provides the opportunity for clients to be adjacent to objective, reliable and relevant news and entertainment programming, and to associate with a venerable local news brand. Carefully crafted and creative marketing campaigns on WRTV broaden business’ reach and build valuable customer bases.



Indiana Owned has an exclusive advertising agreement with Life.Style.Live! and WISH-TV8. No, this isn’t for commercials. This is for live broadcasts combining the IndyStyle audience and the power of social media.


ISC Sports Network

With the ISC Sports Network, you will find local and regional sports coverage from around the state of Indiana featuring high school, college, and semi-professional content and more. Indiana Owned members receive special discounts and package deals.


93.1 WIBC

As part of our partnership with WIBC, Indiana Owned members receive special payment options, discounted advertising runs, and exclusive deals.


92.3 WTTS

Indiana Owned has teamed up with WTTS for several radio campaigns and now WTTS offers digital advertising services, too.


REACH/ValPak of Indianapolis

More details coming soon!