It's Time for Radiothon!!

Our fearless leader, Mel McMahon, will be working for 36 HOURS to help the WIBC Radiothon for the Salvation brought to you by Faerber’s Bee Window and call the phone bank line provided by —- at 833-855-9393 to donate.

Join us on location and on-air for the 28th Anniversary of the WIBC Radiothon for the Salvation Army presented by Bee Window! We kick off the broadcast live from Sullivan Hardware and Garden at 71st & Keystone with Eric Allen and Terri Stacy on Friday, December 9th at 6 am and we will wrap up on Saturday, December 10th at 6 pm with Pat, Denny, and the entire WIBC family! Donate in person, over the phone, and online to help us reach a goal of $400,000 for our fellow Hoosiers!

For the last 27 years, WIBC listeners have helped raise nearly $4.5 million for local programs and services! The the money raised helps The Salvation Army serve kids in need in Central Indiana. Because of your support, kids can take dance lessons, music lessons, participate in art programs, get help with homework, won’t go hungry, know they have a safe place to sleep, get toys at Christmas, and more.

Wherever there is a need in Indiana, you will find The Salvation Army.

Last year, we raised $425,000 and our goal this year is $450,000!! If you aren’t in a position to donate, we understand. A simple (and free) way to help is if you could take the time to share our posts on Facebook and/or Instagram to bring awareness to Radiothon.

Thank you and LET’S GOOOOO!!