5 things you didn’t know about responding to reviews

Guest Author: Niki Burt

96% of review readers pay attention to businesses’ responses to reviews, showing that a business’s response is important when consumers are choosing where they’ll spend their money. It’s no longer just what consumers say about your business—it’s also about what you say back.


Responding to reviews shows people what to expect from you when it comes to customer service. It also shows that you care about your customers in a very public way. It’s a great marketing tool, but it requires a bit of strategy because reviews can be tough. We all know that not every review is five stars. Reviews can feel personal and hurt. You’re not alone in feeling that.


  1. Respond to both positive and negative reviews
  2. Select your review response method intentionally 
  3. Don’t delay your response time
  4. Don’t lose your cool when responding
  5. Use your response to bring customers back

Ready to start responding? Find the full blog post here with more tips, or reach out to local Indy Community Manager Niki at niki@yelp.com for help