B105.7 Showcases Local Female Leaders in InspireHer Campaign

At Indiana Owned, it is our prerogative to highlight the actions, accomplishments, and accolades of those representing small, local businesses that make an effort to uplift their surrounding communities. When these achievements come from our own members, it is our privilege to promote them.

For the past several years, B105.7 has named various women throughout Indianapolis as nominees in their InspireHer campaign.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, the campaign showcases the efforts of local female leaders, headlining their aptitude and dedication to their craft and community.


Mel McMahon Stone

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Radio and Television Contributor, and Local Business Activist

While followers of Indiana Owned and its subsidiary, Indiana Gifts, are well aware of Mel McMahon Stone’s success as an activist for local businesses, her noteworthy efforts as a community leader do not stop there. In the past, Mel has served in various capacities in radio, television, and nonprofit. Often, her talents and experience have led to opportunities that demonstrate her collective prowess. Under her guidance and supervision, the WIBC Radiothon for Salvation Army reached record fundraising heights; the event raised more funds than ever when it surpassed $436,000. No matter her title, Mel McMahon Stone is a name synonymous with community, dedication, and success.


Beth Rovazzini

President & Owner B&W Plumbing and Heating

With her humble beginnings in accounting, Beth Rovazzini has built an empire centered on integrity, perseverance, and excellence. You see, these are the qualities she exemplifies and expects of her team at B&W Plumbing. While the services offered at B&W Plumbing include electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling, Beth has always maintained that the focus is people. In her pursuit, she has ensured those associated with B&W Plumbing are exceptional in their capacity. Moreover, she has worked tirelessly to ensure newcomers to the job market are given proper training and opportunity, serving on no less than five boards geared towards technical education and employment. While she may have begun her career in accounting, Beth Rovazzini has more than proven that a focus on people (and community) is what counts.



No doubt, these ladies are phenomenal assets to the Indianapolis community. Our team would love to learn more about local entrepreneurs that are making an impact on their community. Email Micah (micah@indianaowned.com) with your suggestions!