Comfort Option Announces Move to Hamilton Town Center

Indianapolis mattress manufacturer Comfort Option is pleased to announce that it will relocate its thriving downtown location to an
expanded retail space in Hamilton Town Center next month. The locally owned brand has targeted the opening of the new store for
March 6, 2020.

Comfort Option’s popularity has been rapidly growing, with 2019 revenue outpacing 2018 sales by 65%. That popularity is rooted in
their industry-unique customization options, which start with a brief online “Comfort Test” that serves to identify the sleep needs of
customers and end with the ability to fine-tune their customers’ mattresses for up to 120 days after the purchase, free of charge.
The brand opened its first storefront in Circle Centre Mall in spring 2019 as part of St’art Up 317, an initiative that seeks to place
burgeoning, locally owned businesses in brick-and-mortar retail spaces. Now, following the success of their Circle Centre space,
Comfort Option has chosen to continue moving their brand forward in Hamilton Town Center, with an expanded retail floor.

The move from Circle Centre to Hamilton Town Center is rooted in an opportunity to get closer to targeted customers. “The
opportunity to open in Circle Centre Mall afforded us the chance to evolve our brand and hone our ability to connect with our target
customer,” said Nathan Elliott, Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re really thankful for the opportunity that was given to us at Circle
Centre. The people have been wonderful to work with and we’ve learned a lot during our time there.”

The new Hamilton Town Center location will mirror Comfort Option’s Circle Centre store, with a few new additions. “This store will
have the same foundation as what we did at Circle Centre. We still will prominently focus our customization capability, rather than
having the space lined with dozens of beds like other mattress stores.

“It’s important for our customers to realize — the second they walk in — that the experience with Comfort Option is different from
other retailers that simply try to fit people into mattresses that have already been made, rather than making mattresses to fit the
people who need them,” stated Elliott. “However, we will be adding some additional elements to build the in-store experience of our brand. Our store will allow customers to experience who we are – an honest manufacturer of bedding that provides actual, long-term solutions.”

Comfort Option will be taking over the space directly adjacent to the Cunningham Group’s Stone Creek restaurant on Town Center
Boulevard. To follow the construction of the new store, follow Comfort Option on Instagram or visit them online at


Comfort Option has been an Indiana Original since 2017.