Featured Member: Bliss Artisan, Inc.

“As cliche as it sounds, the freedom to be our own bosses,” is what local business owner, Mike Woodburn (aka Woody) says drew him to become an entrepreneur.
Now the proud owner of Bliss Artisan, Inc., an eatery headquartered in Tell City, Indiana since 2012, Woodburn says he decided to start his business based on what he thought the town he was living in was lacking. “We lived in the tourist town of New Harmony, Indiana and there was no hard ice cream at the time,” he explained.
Ironically enough, Woodburn added that during the early years of his marriage to his wife, Angie, they never had ice cream in their freezer nor did they go out for ice cream!
But the triumphs of owning a business doesn’t come without its challenges. Woodburn says the biggest challenge he finds himself facing within his industry is hiring quality employees with great attitudes and don’t hesitate to seek advice from people who also work in the same industry. “Friends and family, though well-intended, can sometimes provide incorrect or negative advice,” he said.
Aside from owning a local business, Woodburn says it’s also important to be known¬†as one. “We feel that the support from the community at each of our locations cannot be one-sided,” explained Woodburn. “That is why we give back in each community we have a location in. We want to be invested in our communities as a local business.”
To date, you can find Bliss Artisan, Inc. at several locations right here in the Hoosier state, as well as other locations spread throughout Kentucky, Missouri, and Illinois. And, they’re not done growing yet! Woodburn says his main plan upon the completion of their Tell City production facility is to focus on growing the wholesale side of their business.