How to Spend Your Small Business Saturday (or any Saturday)

This Saturday, November 27, 2021, is Small Business Saturday– a day to celebrate and support small businesses that act as the backbone of the American (and our local) economy. Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010, and it always falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The holiday has become an important role in small businesses’ busiest shopping season. 

For the past 10 years, Small Business Saturday has encouraged customers to kick off their holiday shopping by choosing small businesses over the Black Friday sales of many corporations. Plus, it helps customers who want access to unique products and experiences in their area, and the local economies that benefit from the growth of these small businesses.

“So, Why Shop & Support Local?”

According to a study done by Civic Economic, for every $100 spent locally, at least $68 of that stays in the local economy. That means each dollar you spend at an independent business returns three times more money to your local economy than a dollar spent at a national chain. The study claims that spending your dollars with local businesses has a “multiplier effect” on that community, generating a much greater economic value.

The bottom line is, when you spend your money with local businesses, you help pump money back into the local economy through taxes, payroll, and purchases. Thus, more money for our roads, education, health and wellness resources, other services, new jobs, libraries, and more. There’s no better time to enjoy the benefits of shopping local than the holiday season! Follow these tips below for a successful weekend…

Grab Brunch at a Local, Indiana Owned Spot!

Brunch is arguably the best meal of the day! Plus, you’re probably sleeping in on Saturday morning since it’s a holiday weekend. Once you round up your crew, plan to meet up for breakfast, lunch, or brunch at a local restaurant/cafe! Bonus points if you visit a cafe, because let’s be real… you’re going to need that cup of coffee! 

Our Indiana Owned directory sorts local small businesses into different categories so they’re easy to find. You can browse through some local “foodie” favorites by searching here.

Shop From Certified-Local, Indiana Owned Businesses

Make your holiday shopping experience personal this year when you shop with Indiana Owned companies. Skipping the lines (so long they wrap around the mall) will give you more time to browse through unique products made right here in your home state. According to a consumer poll, 61% of consumers shop at local businesses because of their unique product selection. Small businesses tend to offer more rare, well-made pieces produced in the USA.

Remember that small business owners want to get to know you to help you find exactly what you need. Shopping from local businesses fosters networking and strengthens the bond of our communities. Not to mention, when you support your neighbors’ businesses, you know your money stays within your community.

…Pssst! It’s also super important to know that when you purchase from a small business, you’re supporting someone’s dream! Read that again. Shopping is personal for both customers and merchants!

  • See our current deals from Indiana-owned businesses listed here. You can also search Indiana-owned businesses near your zip code here.
  • Our Holiday Gift Guide features a wide variety of unique products from Indiana-owned companies. There’s something for everyone; from home goods, decor, kitchen supplies, treats, accessories, personal tributes, gift cards, & more! Choosing to shop local is the gift that keeps on giving to our communities!

“What if I’m a Homebody?” You Can Shop Local Online!

For introverted folks, we understand getting out of the house may not be “your thing.” Maybe the weather is unwelcoming for travel, or maybe there aren’t many local businesses nearby. The good news is that you can still shop local online, from the comfort of your home!

Indiana.Gifts is a great place to start your virtual shopping experience. Our online retail store features fun, beautiful, and sentimental products made by Indiana companies. You can browse through multiple categories (Home & Office, Eat & Drink, Health & Beauty, Give & Collect, Bundles, and more) to find gifts tailored to anyone!

As our token of appreciation for reading our blog, we are offering YOU 10% off your Indiana.Gifts online order. Use the code “LOCAL21” at checkout!

“What If I’m on a Tight Budget?” Your Words Hold Heavy Weight, too!

It may seem obvious that supporting local means spending your coin with local businesses, but let’s not exclude the weight of our words! In addition to purchases, there are so many simple ways you can support local businesses.

Follow & Engage In Small Businesses’ Social Pages 👍

Whether you’re liking or re-posting their content, or commenting an emoji under their post, they appreciate your engagement. This bumps them up on the algorithm too!

Leave a Positive Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Customers are usually looking up reviews before visiting a business. In a 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey, 97% of consumers search online for a local business, and 73% of searchers trust a local business more because of positive reviews. Since small businesses don’t have the brand awareness of huge corporations, consumers will want to do their research first.

Leaving a nice review on their Facebook, Yelp, or Google page only takes a few minutes, yet it is super impactful. Bonus points if your review is detailed—other consumers love to see photos and read stories about your experience.

Rave About Your Experience to a Friend (Virtually or IRL) 💬

People love to be referred by their friends. If you’re strongly satisfied with a local product, place, or experience… let the world know!

Give Small Businesses a Shoutout on Your Social Page 📢

You can tag them in your stories and posts, making it easy for like-minded people to find them too!

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