Indiana Originals Deal$ Day on IndyStyle, October 21, 2019

Indiana Originals is simplifying your search for local and thanking you for supporting independent businesses by giving you great deals on products from our members! Supporting our members returns more money to Indiana, keeps our communities unique, and creates jobs. When you see the badge, you know you are supporting local!

It’s Indiana Originals Deal Day! Here are the deals you can take advantage of this month:

All Pro Heating & Air: All Pro Heating & Air is a woman owned HVAC company offering installation, maintenance, and repair for all heating and cooling equipment brands. They serve all of Marion County and surrounding Indiana counties.

Deal: Call (317) 721-1227 and tell All Pro you heard about the IndyStyle deal and receive the normal $95 furnace clean and check for only $68! The clean a check will help get your heat ready for the winter cold months. Find out if you have issues before winter truly sets in and you get left out in the cold. Offer ends 10/31/2019.


Borshoff Consulting: Borshoff Consulting, LLC is a full-service tax consulting firm run by Sherry Borshoff, a federally licensed Enrolled Agent. They offer bookkeeping, payroll and tax solutions, and a friendly knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you grow your company. Also, If you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS, call Borshoff Consulting to assist with your resolution.

Deal: Call (317) 846-1005 and give the code INDYSTYLE to get a free 30 minute tax consultation and 30% off on your first service. Offer ends 01/01/20.


Send a Friend Lasagna: Send A Friend Lasagna is Stephanie Eppich Daily’s passion project. After many years of making lasagnas for friends and relatives, she decided this is a comforting service that is needed in Indianapolis. Send a friend lasagna to welcome a new baby, a new homeowner, a new neighbor, a meal for someone who just had surgery, or comfort in a time of loss.

Deal: Enter code INDYSTYLE at checkout at to receive free delivery in Indianapolis. Offer ends 10/31/2019.


JavAroma Roasters: JavAroma Roasters is a small-batch roasting company in Mitchell, IN. Their mission is to create high-quality, sustainable coffee and make it accessible to the everyday consumer. While the company strives to maintain a high standard in the day-to-day operations, it also exists to make a difference in local and global communities in giving back. JavAroma Roasters is a small-batch roasting company in Mitchell, IN focusing on offering its customers high quality coffee with meaning behind it. It starts with high-quality Arabica beans then they roast in small batches. From there, you will see that they create many convenient products to brew at-home or to be used in a wholesale operation. These products include 100% compostable single serve cups, cold brew filters, whole bean, and ground coffee options. You can even select from many bag size options online! Special holiday blends and other special Christmas items that you will need to add to your Christmas lists are available now.

Deal: Enter the discount code INDYSTYLE at checkout at to receive 15% off your order. Offer ends 10/31/19.


These offers are good through at least the end of the month! Some even longer! To learn more about each member, visit

The Indiana Originals Story: In the spring of 2012, Indiana Originals co-founders Lance and Mel were walking around downtown Indianapolis in search of dinner. After settling on a restaurant, Mel asked: “Is it local?” That simple question became a much bigger conversation.

In the search to learn more about identifying local businesses and where your money goes when you shop with independents, Lance and Mel found people just like them–people happy to support local businesses but didn’t always find it easy or convenient, and the business owners that want consumers to know their Hoosier roots. Using their experience in promotions and business development, Lance and Mel decided to simplify the search for local and launched in May of 2014.

What started as a simple business directory is now a community of consumers and business owners working together to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana. If Hoosiers spent 5% more on goods and services from Indiana, we would have $1.8 billion more for our state. That is just $35 per household per week. (Indiana State Department of Agriculture) The money that stays in Indiana goes to our schools, infrastructure, health and wellness resources, first responders, and more. Where you spend your money matters.

Indiana Originals is a family-owned and operated company trying to make life in our great state better for everyone. We bring together the people creating healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana. Join us and become a part of the community at

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