Indiana Originals introduces Indy Style to American Garden Barn Quilts

Indiana Originals co-founder, Mel McMahon-Stone, recently introduced WISH-TV’s Indy Style to one of their newest members, Vicki Howarth of American Garden Barn Quilts in Columbus, Indiana.

Vicki started American Garden Barn Quilts in 2015. Her quilts are large paintings traditionally hung on barns, but also out-buildings, homes, front porches, in living rooms and in cottages, and on boat houses throughout the United States. They are hung to add color and character in both the urban and rural landscape.

Vicki’s appreciation for rural landscapes and the heritage of American barns began with her upbringing in a small farming community in northern Indiana. It was there that her grandfather had an organic garden, orchard, and farm. Along with her sisters and brothers, Vicki was frequently out exploring or helping in the garden and playing in her grandfather’s barn. Her appreciation for barns took her across the state in search of round barns and also many covered bridges.

After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Technical Graphics, Vicki started a career doing architectural renderings in acrylic and pen & ink for homeowners and builders. Later, she tried her hand at painting full-scale scenic murals, using the side of an old horse farm out-building on her property as a canvas. Tying in her appreciation for rural landscapes and her technical expertise with geometric shapes, she began painting barn quilts that now hang on not just barns, but homes, cottages, and boat houses across the country.

Each American Garden Barn Quilt is a hand-painted sign board with a design of geometric shapes or scenic pictures. Sizes can be as large as eight feet by eight feet or as small as 12 inches by 12 inches (perfect for under a mailbox). Each American Garden Barn Quilt is constructed so it can be enjoyed in all seasons. Made in Columbus, Indiana, American Garden Barn quilts ships to all contiguous 48 states.

Photo: Courtesy of Indy Style/WISH-TV 8.

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