Indiana Originals member centers business around love for crafts, jewelry

She’s been a crafter since she was a kid, and now she’s an Indiana Original. Grace Simmons, owner of Mabel Grace Crafts joined us today to help us get creative. Here’s more from her:

Collections are created intentionally and have meaning behind them. My most recent collection was in honor of some of the most Influential Women in my life and I designed a pair for each of those women in their personal style.

Other collections: 

  • Happy Things (cats and bees)
  • Imagination (interesting construction)
  • Peru (based on my trip to the country, Peru)

Supporting small businesses and local businesses is very important to me. I come from a family of small business owners and keeping your money and heart in your community is how you can do the most good

I have been a “crafter” since childhood and some of my favorite memories are making silly things with my siblings; from stuffed animal clothing out of socks, to friendship bracelets, to bookmarks made out of glue (I know- bad idea) I loved all of it.

I took ceramics, sewing, photography, and jewelry in high school and some more jewelry and metal-working in college. My whole childhood I joked about “starting a business” with my sister and 20 some years later, I was finally brave enough to start actually trying to sell items.

My dog, Mabel, acts as emotional support staff for the company, and she is a big part of this operation.

I have a small display at Mercantile 37 in Noblesville.

For more information, visit the links below:

Instagram: @mabelgracecrafts