Indy Holistic Hub | Grass Is Greener: Considering the Impact of Organic Lawn Care on Pets

Written by KJ McGlinn & Featuring Alec McClennan, Good Nature Organic Lawn Car

When it comes to thinking about a holistic approach to your pets, you have many options from integrative medicine to organic diets but today, we’re going to talk about how thinking holistically about your lawn is beneficial for your pet too!

As we look forward to the grass re-emerging, there are some compelling reasons for you to consider an organic approach to caring for your lawn this Spring especially if you’re an animal lover.

I spoke with Alec McClennan, founder of Good Nature Organic Lawn Care about the pet owners they serve and why we should all think about what we put on our lawns for the sake of our pets, our wildlife, our kids and ourselves.

Alec says more often these days, people call Good Nature looking for an alternative to traditional lawn treatments because of their furry family members. “There’s a lot of people that are concerned about that.” He added with a smile, “I used to think it was kids that they wanted to protect, but now I realize I think they’re more interested in their dogs.”

Traditional lawn care products often contain pesticides and herbicides that can linger on grass and pose a threat to your pets. Exposure to these chemicals has been linked to various health issues, including skin irritations, respiratory problems, and even more serious conditions. Pets, especially dogs and cats, love to explore their surroundings and may ingest substances from the lawn. Organic lawn care eliminates the risk of accidental poisoning since natural fertilizers and treatments are nontoxic.

Another benefit for you and your furry friend? Good Natures Organic Lawn Care provides mosquito, flea, and tick prevention. McClennan urges pet owners to verify, before choosing a lawn company, that their natural approach is truly organic. “You’ve got to be a little careful,” he says. “For us, we’ll use garlic, peppermint oil and cedar oil to keep mosquitos and ticks out of the yards. I think pet owners might sometimes be more concerned about that than their lawns.”

Many people ask if organic lawn care can provide the same results for their lawn. McClennan reassured me the results are even better. “You ultimately will end up with a healthier lawn.”

McClennan adds that, similar to a holistic health approach for our bodies, “you’ve got to diagnose what’s going on and get to the root cause.”

Simply put, choosing organic lawn care is a paws-itively responsible decision for pet owners.


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