Making The Best Of It: How Small Businesses are Responding to COVID-19 Protocols

At Indiana Originals, we promote independent businesses. We help Hoosiers and visitors discover and support local faster and easier while helping our business members find affordable resources to be successful, stand out from their national competitors, and get in front of new customers.

With that said during this unsettling time, we want to help spread the word about changes in those local businesses and how Hoosiers can best support them. We recently sent out a survey to our members to hear what they had to say about what they’re doing to keep our community safe:

“Local events have been canceled. The best way Hoosiers can support our business during this time is by shopping online.” – Tawni Reller, Unsoaped

“We are implementing strategies to accommodate for tax meetings online via Zoom or on a call. We have a private portal for document transfer so clients don’t have to come to the office. Continue to make phone and Zoom appointments. Don’t cancel as the tax deadline has not been pushed back and there won’t be enough time to process everyone’s taxes if they wait. We can accommodate remotely.” – Tifney Fields, CRS Tax Solutions

“All client meetings are virtual. Hire me to help you stay focused, talk through fears and challenges you are facing during this unsettling time. If you’re starting a business, now is the perfect time to develop the business plan.” – Sandi Ballard, Growing Forward Success Coaching

“Order as usual and engage with social media posts. We want to hear from you!” – Brian Clar, CEG & Supply

“We are working on more pickup locations and a delivery option. Shop with us to avoid stores and support local businesses by purchasing items through the co op.” – Odessa Wallace, Indy’s Community Food Co Op

“We have had events cancel or postpone. Hourly workers are being cut hours and event staff is not working. Order food for pickup or drop off Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.” – Kassidy Edwards, Hoaglin Fine Catering

“Paint something!” – Allen Cranfill, ABC Custom Painting

“Limited access, heightened cleaning, some working from home, canceled travel. Shop online! ECOM is still our strength.” – Caleb Stokes, TFI Inc.

“Strictly online presence. Offering free shipping. Stop buying soaps and lotions from Walmart or other big box stores. We have the capability to offer hundreds of options right now.” – Corey Cole, The Rugged Company

“I have been working for free making sure all my clients are safe and getting back as much money as I can. Please reschedule your vacation, do not cancel. If canceling, offer to pay a fee.” – Tiffany Richards, Tiffany’s Travel

“Many weddings and corporate events are canceled. Schedule your future events now!” – Troy Hanna, T-Bone Disc Jockey

“Our events are canceled, we are working from home except when we need to fill production orders and ship packages. If your events are re-scheduled, consider keeping your custom product orders intact. We will extend longer payment terms to help offset. Since so many things are switching from in-person to virtual, consider buying inexpensive mailer items to keep your advertising and marketing program going like lip balms, stickers, and magnets. For under $1 each, you can still reach your clients and stay top of mind!” – Tamara Hoffbauer, Stand Out Custom

“There’s free delivery. The best way Hoosiers can support our business during this time is by purchasing products, to stay well.” – Melanie McCloud, Melz CBD

“We’re giving options to still go forward with learning other than face to face. Take advantage of this slower time to take advantage of learning new skills to better help them land on their feet when business does pick up.” – Denise Praul, Whiteboard Learning

“Make an effort to encourage clients to work electronically to complete their tax returns and be open to the electronic tools that can get things done without face-to-face meeting. Not as fun, of course, but it’s effective and efficient.” – Michael Wright, Taxwright

“Employees are telecommuting. We are handling all client meetings via conference and online. We have canceled public events and made others webinars. Support my small business clients’ businesses and continue to reach out to them and identify if they have made changes to their deliverability or audience to be more accommodating.” Amanda Parker, Collective Alternative

“Working from home except to produce and fill orders. Take advantage of our COVID-19 sale! ALL items in our Etsy shop are 19% off until March 31st for Indiana Originals fans. Use coupon code STAYHEALTHY or this link:” – Tamara Hoffbauer, Decorative Design Works

“We canceled major revenue generating events, no in-store hours. The best way Hoosiers can support our business is to shop the website and engage on social media.” – Rachel Huffman, The Girls in Grey

“We’re only offering takeout and delivery services through Uber Eats and Total Takeout. Call ahead orders for quick pickup and use our delivery services. Call to purchase gift cards.” – Kristina Mazza, Hoagies and Hops

“Online and Etsy orders are still accepted. The best way Hoosiers can support our business during this time is to continue online shopping.” – Vicki Howarth, American Garden Barn Quilts

“We are limited to carry out or delivery options for our cooked food, but we still have our fresh seafood markets open. Our staff is doing as we always have by washing hands, using gloves and sanitizing much more often. We have hand sanitizer available in multiple locations throughout our stores. We are handing out all condiments, plasticware and not having customers use the iPad screens during checkout. Please continue to support us by placing carry out orders, delivery orders and shopping our fresh seafood markets. You can order cooked food online by visiting” – Andrew Caplinger, Caplinger’s Fresh Catch

“Employees are working from home and we are implementing online meetings with clients to maintain forward progress. Continue to engage through social media and help make connections to other small businesses in the community. If the work slows down, we can still be proactive and use this time to collaborate and plan for the future.” – Brooke Winings, A Dreamer and A Doer

“We are suspending visits to clients in the higher risk categories and are opening up the option for a digital walk-through if clients do not wish to have us at their home or business at this time. Keep reaching out! TEN by Kristen will happily schedule online consultations and discuss options for moving forward with your home improvement projects!” – Kristen Murney, TEN by Kristen

“We’re seasonal, but considering changes to processes and timelines should be the need for social distancing to continue past May. Shop from our artisans who are experiencing extreme loss of revenue during show cancellations. They money they make now pays for participation and stock for our November event. We will likely feel the ripples.” – Megan Martin, Hoosier Artisan Boutique

“No changes but I did have a canceled appointment since the person was a bit nervous about going out. I’m good, but I think restaurants and bars could use a boost. Maybe suggest as you always do to, “Support Local.” We can drive through or do curbside pickup for restaurants offering.” – Tina Dalton, Poppy’s Petals

“All my spring events have been canceled. I have to rely on online sales only. Promotion that I make soap bars and liquid, and have a stock of hand sanitizers.” – Joyce Acuti, Dragonfly Bath Works

“Live workshops are being redesigned to go online, which will continue even after we get an “All Clear,” after which live workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions will resume. Don’t panic. Support local businesses. Assist those who need assistance: family, friends, neighbors, charities. Be “one of the helpers…” that Mr. Rogers talks about. Exercise common sense. (I promise you won’t even break a sweat). Go to my website to check out and register for upcoming workshops. Contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to get a few sales tips and determine if we’re a match for further coaching. I can also offer several opportunities for promoting your business online and through networking events once we’re again allowed to congregate.” – Christian Tombers, Charlie Tango Productions, LLC

“Aside from a major consumer show that I was to participate in, I have gone back to trying to drum up business from online sales. Stay positive. Share success stories. Buy Local.” – Holly Hospel Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits

“We are doing Zoom meetings and phone calls. We have an online portal to safely deliver private documents for review, transfer. Contact us at (317)-844-5100 to set up a meeting that’s most convenient.” – Tifney Fields, Comprehensive Retirement Solutions

“It’s production as usual. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is through more online venues to sell my art.” – Pam Cooper, Hazzpizzazz

“Some of our events have been canceled. All updates on the cancellations are on our Facebook page. Online orders and wholesale is still available. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is to order online!” – Joana Wade, JavAroma Roasters

“We are wiping down door knobs and door frames more frequently. Hand sanitizers are available. After following all national, state and local guidelines – if comfortable and feeling well – continue to use our services to reduce your stress. A calm mind can help support the immune system.” – Michelle Sigg, Neuro-Groove

“All 15 employees are no longer working. I’m running it all by myself due to decreased sales. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is to shop online!” – Abby McKinney, Ella Mae’s Boutique

“We are safety first and clean construction. We can still build your custom home on your lot and build your custom cabinetry in our shop. Remodeling is now done with a team of less than 10 (typically 1-2) at any given time. Masks and gloves can be worn at your request.” – Denise Woolen, Woolen Woodworks Design Build

“Sessions have been rescheduled mostly by clients, so working from home and revamping paperwork (budget, contracts, pricing guides) getting promos ready and social media posts planned out and created. Buy gift cards, pay for a session and schedule it further out and we can reschedule them further out if needed.” – Michelle Goldwood, Goldwood Studios

“Employees are working from home, we’re adding virtual inspections for replacements, taking questions via email on air quality for free and adding a filter delivery service. Other changes coming soon. Utilize our virtual replacement inspection and take advantage of our price matching policy during this time to replace filters more often so that is why the filter delivery program is being implemented. Please let us know your indoor air quality questions, we will answer them for free. Just email me at” – Katie Smith, All Pro Heating and Air

“We’re working from home, rescheduling big events/parties and shifts. Working from home, “big events/parties and shifts. Visit the JoHenna Design Etsy shop regularly as new pieces are added to the shop page, schedule henna appointments and henna parties for future dates. Join the JoHenna Design Patreon account to help support JoHenna Design artwork and stay up-to-date with projects and events.” – Joey Bauchle, JoHenna Design

“No contact delivery. Ring doorbell – leave lasagna on porch – or wherever the person would like you to leave it. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is to order, support, share.” – Stephanie Daily, Send a Friend Lasagna

“We have revised some of our forms so we have multiple ways to contact people, like regular contacting but for cancellations, etc. Keep your circle of influence a way for us. There is help available for you keeping your aging loved ones in the loop. Just heard this one, “I may be older but I am not elderly.” So, please don’t refer to me that way.” – Diana Beam, Keeping in Touch Solutions

“We cancelled many store demos. Nothing planned indefinitely. This is HUGE for my business as I have almost six demos per week. It’s the only way I find new customers. Farmer’s Market has been cancelled and one show has been moved to the fall. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is to buy and share posts.” – Tracy Land, Frangipani Body Products

“No sit-down customers. Only pickup and drive-thru options are open. Come visit us!” – Terry Rake, Titus Bakery & Deli

“We are closed until further notice. We’re working on loading additional and new products to the website. We are also offering to fill orders and customers can pick them up curbside. Just keep us front of mind when needing something and we always offer gift cards for future use.” – Pam Hurst (Pam Hurst Designs), The Sterling Butterfly

“We are temporarily closed. However, we do have online shopping opportunities for custom tie dye orders, gift cards and cool Tie Dye Lab gear! Go online and order gift cards for future use, snag some TDL gear or place a custom tie dye order!” – Terri Fisher, The Tie Dye Lab

“I am offering FaceTime or Zoom sessions. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during the unsettling time is by referring anyone who needs help with fear and and anxiety.” – Cathy Boone-Black, Indiana Integrative Hypnosis 

“We have made changes. We’ve reduced hours, reduced team members hours, stopped accepting new clients, and canceled three pop-up shops events. The best way Hoosiers can support my business during this unsettling time is through two ways: join Fit Chicks in Fishers and shop during our virtual pop-up event on May 1st.” – Roz Harris, Fit Chicks!, LLC

“My shop has been closed since November. My custom orders are now done at home and my store is online Promote my website. Lots of people are doing home projects and I can help.” – Monica Walters, Gypsy Garage, LLC 

“We have drive up service, delivery service and online service. Shop online at” – Jared Stayton, Brickhouse Coffee Co.

“We are closed until further notice. Our clients have put all of our projects on hold. As a result, my team will not be paid going further. When things get back to normal to think about measuring the customer service experience and reaching out to Service Connections to make it happen.” – Janet Fitzgerald Sipe, Service Connections, Inc.

“Employees are working from home, only the owner is going into office daily. The best way Hoosiers can support the business during this unsettling time is by purchasing and sending gifts to family and customers.” – Deb Walton, Only Indiana

“We’re doing deliveries, curb side pick-up, moved to an outside farmer’s market, etc. Thinking VERY outside of the box. The best way Hoosiers can support the business during this unsettling time is to continue to shop, purchase gift cards for later use and support our wholesale clients.” – Cindy Hawkins, Circle City Sweets

“We closed for two weeks but reopened with limited hours — curbside pickup only. Hoosiers can best support my business during this unsettling time by calling ahead and pick up your chocolates at our Indianapolis location.” – Lori Sonner, DeBrand Fine Chocolates




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