Podcasts: The Hottest Marketing Trend of 2020

*Submitted by Indiana Originals member Indy Squad Podcast*


Even though some events are starting to happen again, people are still very concerned about going out. As a business owner, if you depended on events to network and get in front of new audiences, social distancing restrictions have undoubtedly put a big damper on business flow.  Maybe (likely) even on your revenue.

One trend, however, is booming for businesses right now: Podcasts. Podcasts are super hot right now and it’s a trend that is not going away any time soon.

Podcasts are good for your business in a variety of ways such as:

  • You, as a subject matter expert, are now available to millions more listeners than before
  • You can keep in constant contact with your community (without writing a blog!)
  • Your message is available on-demand. In other words, right when your prospect needs to hear it.
  • You are more relevant in search (it’s a super popular medium so search engines are serving them up more frequently.)
  • It’s an audio calling card that you get to custom design with the perfect message.

We’re on the podcast train, too, of course. But…yes, there’s always a but…it’s not all fun.  When you do a podcast, it’s not as easy as just sharing your expertise or talking into a microphone. The work that goes into the back end (that pesky tech piece) of getting your message out can be a big pain. When you do a podcast, if you do it without help and if you want it to be successful, which of course you do, then you now have to make sure that:

  • Your audio is amazing. The #1 reason people stop listening to a podcast is because the audio is bad. (And, guess what? There’s more to it than a decent microphone.)
  • You are consistent. If you put out a weekly show, you have to record and then produce that show each and every week. If you lose your consistency, you’ll lose your audience.
  • You keep up with the latest in tech and requirements for podcasts. Not only will you need to purchase software but you’ll need to know how to use it properly.

Did reading those three things freak you out a little? Maybe make you think that podcasting is not for you? Or maybe that’s what’s kept you from doing it all along.

Here at Indy Squad Podcast, we have a secret weapon. One of our hosts is a genius at audio production.  Without Johnny and his podcast production prowess, our show might sound like a toddler produced it.

The great news is that you can also have a professional producer to help you sound your best! Johnny has a few open slots for new clients. There is no better time to either make your existing podcast sound better! Or, if you’re brand new, it’s a great time to jump in!

If you’ve listened to our show, Indy Squad Podcast, then you have already met our production genius, John C. Byram.  He literally takes care of everything on the production side.

From the moment we hit “record,” our only responsibility is to share content. We can say “um” and make mistakes to go back and repeat sentences – all knowing that it’s going to be perfect in post. You can absolutely trust that Johnny will make sure the end product is amazing.

Here’s the benefit of professional production:

  • A professional producer knows ALL of the things about making audio great. They keep the audio levels where they need to be, take out any mistakes, and in our case, we have sponsors, intros, outros, and everything in between.
  • It saves a TON of time. Even if you have the software and have an idea for how to use it, you could spend HOURS putting a show together that wouldn’t be top notch. You’d be frustrated and exhausted and not have a good episode to show for it. That’s no bueno, right?
  • Your first impression will be stellar. Don’t you want people to tune in and immediately think – “Wow, this is a professional show?!” Of course you do.  That first impression will be happening over and over with each new listener.  You only get one chance to get it right before they move on to another show. Make them stick around because your show is easy to listen to.

Oh, and did we mention that Johnny is also a professional voice actor? Which means he knows both sides of production. Lucky us, right?

So, if you’ve even remotely thought about starting a podcast, you should reach out to Johnny and have a chat. He can help you determine how to get started and get your expertise out there for the world to appreciate. To get in touch with Johnny, you can visit his website at www.jcbyram.com or drop him an email at jcbyramproductions@gmail.com.