SURVIVING THE SHUTDOWN AS A SMALL MICRO BUSINESS - From member Pamela Hurst, Pam Hurst Designs

It’s been 4 weeks since we shut the doors to our brick and mortar store on the square in downtown Martinsville, IN.  Four weeks is a long time to just be shut down.  It is a full month, a full set of bills that have come through and it is a long time to think about the what if’s.  I miss my helpers.  I miss my customers.  I miss social interaction.

I will be honest, some days are better than others.  Some days are optimistic and I can think about the future, how we may want to change, what other things can we do for the community and then some days are not so optimistic.  On those days, my thoughts go to can we survive this?  Do we really have a purpose?  In the hierarchy of importance, we are really far down the list.

Our store also has the work of about 20 other artists in it.  So when we shut the doors, we also shut the doors on 20 other working artists.  I’m not sure what the future will look like for artists either.  A big part of their income for the year is generate from art shows.  They travel to shows, every month, to earn their living, to pay their bills.  These shows are gone.  They aren’t being rescheduled for this year. As of now, most shows through the summer have been canceled and the fall shows still have an uncertain future.

Essential, what does that mean?  I understand art in and of itself isn’t essential.  But art is a way of life for some people.  It is how they pay their bills and buy their food.  My heart is with them right now because they are also caught up in this shutdown without options.

These are just some of my random thoughts as I think about the last four weeks. So to keep myself occupied somewhat and trying to create a sense of purpose and helpfulness, I have started a fundraiser to help the local organizations during the Covid shutdown.  I have a Mother’s Day section and 30% of the profits will go to help the community.  I tried to come up with some affordable options for Mother’s Day gifts that can also help generate some funds for the community.  Our first donation is going to Churches in Mission to help with their food pantry which is in need right now.

Some random thoughts while we wait and hope that it won’t be much longer.  Thanks for your support, we love our community.


Pam Hurst Designs has been an Indiana Originals member since 2018. Her shop is located in downtown Martinsville. Learn more at