Tips On Taking Things One Day At A Time

At Indiana Originals, our concentration is on promoting our members, educating consumers on how they can support you during this challenging time, and planning for the rest of 2020. Here are some best practices we have gathered that we hope will be helpful with your customers, community, and social media contacts:

  • Keep your subscribers informed. Make sure they’re aware of any changes in your day-to-day operations, modified business hours, online sales, temporary closures, etc.


  • Highlight shipping, delivery, and takeout options. Sharing your shipping, delivery, and takeout options will help keep you in front of current and potential customers.


  • Run a gift card promotion. Remind customers that you offer gift cards, or run a promo or special offer on gift cards. This will help bring in revenue now, and help to bring customers to you when the pandemic concerns calm down.


  • Reassure your customers. Let your customers know about all of the precautions you’re taking to help reduce the virus spread. Include any additional cleaning measures or staffing adjustments, and reassure them that you’re safe to do business with.


  • Stay engaged with your social following. More people will be staying at home, so your social media channels provide a captive audience opportunity. Share content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest–wherever your followers are spending their time.


  • Never stop planning. Whether your business is thriving, struggling, standing still, or temporarily closed, take this opportunity to plan for how you will do business when the “stay at home” orders are no longer in place. Look at different scenarios and have multiple options on how to move forward with your business.


  • Take advantage of your Indiana Originals resources. If you are a member, make sure your listing is up to date. Add your virtual events to our calendar. Check for opportunities on our forums. Email us with co-branded promotional ideas. We are here to help and we will get through this together! Contact