Initial Selections for the Visiting All Neighborhoods Initiative Include Two Indiana Owned Members

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Often, the most challenging aspects of owning and operating a business have nothing to do with the product or service being offered. Truth be told, one of the largest hurdles for any entrepreneur is generating positive public interest for their endeavor. Without an audience, no business can flourish. Various merchants throughout Marion County, including two members of the Indiana Owned community, are eager to attract greater volumes of local and out-of-town patrons to their establishments via their selection for the Visiting All Neighborhoods program.

On Friday, February 2, 2023, Mayor Joe Hogsett detailed the list of local businesses that encompass the first-round selections of the Visiting All Neighborhoods campaign. The program is a collective effort on the part of the City of Indianapolis, the City-County Council, and Visit Indy to highlight an array of local enterprises to those visiting the city. For each district represented in the City-County Council, two local interests were selected by a dynamic group of 14 community leaders. Various criteria were examined during the selection process, including physical location, interaction with visitors, and engagement with the community. In addition, special consideration was given to minority, veteran, disabled, and/or female entrepreneurs. Recipients will receive a two-year partnership with Visit Indy, a collaboration that offers strategic marketing efforts directed toward those traveling to Indianapolis. 

In his announcement, the mayor noted, “As a consolidated city, Indy covers a lot of ground, especially for out-of-towners. But Visiting All Neighborhoods makes it easier to find points of interest throughout city limits. Whether it’s Burmese cuisine, local pottery, a recording studio, an independent bookstore, or one of America’s last drive-in movie theaters – it’s all over the map, and it’s all Indianapolis.”

Indiana Owned is proud to announce that two of its members made the list for the inaugural class of the Visiting All Neighborhoods program. 

Nestled in Windsor Park, Stomping Ground is a unique gift shop, offering guests an opportunity to select the perfect quirky present for a friend, loved one, or themselves. Martha Latta, the creative spirit behind Stomping Ground, does an incredible job of curating a collection of items that are irresistible.


Hampton Designs Studio & Shop, located on East Washington Street, offers various services, including interior design and home staging, but also a unique collection of designer interior fashions to choose from. Patrons can expect to be given an unparalleled experience when creating their new space, whether they employ Adam Hampton’s design prowess or enhance their own design with items from his assortment of designer decor, lighting, and furniture.


Applications open soon for the next round of selections.

Much like the efforts of Indiana Owned to promote local businesses to those in our surrounding communities, the Visiting All Neighborhoods initiative aims to drive profit potential to local entrepreneurs who contribute to the culture of Indianapolis. In the future, additional selections will be made for the program and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply; applications will be available for submission in August 2023.

For more information concerning the Visiting All Neighborhoods program, including a comprehensive list of recipients and partnership benefits, click here.