The City's Office of Sustainability is partnering with The Indianapolis Public Library and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to introduce Indy's kids and families to the fun of urban bird watching. Through the City's BirdIndy program, the Office of Sustainability is providing birding kits for educators, naturalists, youth leaders, and bird watching enthusiasts. The kits include bird watching essentials such as binoculars, field guides, activity books, and Audubon bird calls. Kits for larger groups are also available and feature curriculum guides for students in preschool through fourth grade. Larger kits also feature materials for groups participating in service learning projects. "Since Indy became an Urban Bird Treaty city in 2011, we've worked to expose more Indy residents, especially kids to birding," said Melody Park, Director of the City's Office of Sustainability. "Birding is becoming increasingly popular around the U.S., specifically among families, and the BirdIndy initiative is designed to make birding fun and accessible to families across Indy." Birding kits will be available to rent at no cost at 6 locations in Indy including: 1. Central Library, The Indianapolis Public Library, 40 E. St Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN 2. Eagle Creek Park Ornithology Center, 6515 Delong Road, Indianapolis, IN 46278 3. Glendale Branch, The Indianapolis Public Library, 6101 N. Keystone Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220 4. Irvington Branch, The Indianapolis Public Library, 5625 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219 5. Garfield Park Branch, The Indianapolis Public Library, 2505 E. Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203 6. Spades Park Branch, The Indianapolis Indianapolis Public Library, 1801 Nowland Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46201 Funding for the BirdIndy program is provided to the City through a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). In October 2011, Indy became one of the newest cities to sign the Urban Conservation Treaty for Migratory Birds. Upon signing, Indy was awarded a USFWS grant to promote city-wide initiatives which improve bird habitat, increase community awareness, and encourage the active stewardship of migratory birds by residents. Birds act as key indicators of environmental quality, foster a connection between residents and their environment, and contribute financially to local economies through outdoor recreational activities. In 2013, the City launched the Indy Birding Trail. The trail is designed to guide residents and visitors to 35 of the City’s best areas for bird watching. Through the Indy Birding Trail, city parks, green spaces, and environmentally conscious institutions throughout the city are celebrated as havens for biodiversity within an urban setting. The Indy Birding Trail is supplemented by the BirdIndy website, mobile application and trail guide, which will be available online and at sites along the trail. For more information about the City's BirdIndy program visit