INDIANA OWNED Valentine's Day 2023

Stomping Ground – Valentine’s Day Flowers by Stomping Ground - $40-$55

Gifting flowers for Valentine's Day is always a welcome gesture. This year at Stomping Ground we are offering our own take on flowers. Instead of focusing on bundles of commercial red roses, we are hand-selecting each individual stem and creating bouquets filled with intention and love. So, instead of giving your love or best friend 12 red roses wrapped in plastic, consider something slightly out of the ordinary. Options include Free Spirit Roses, Blush Pink Mondial roses and mixed color ranunculus bouquets. All bouquets will come with complementary greenery and/or other small flowers that compliment the bouquet. Bouquets can be ordered with a vase or they will wrapped in a brown kraft paper sleeve. Remember when you come to pick up your flowers we also offer cards, chocolate, jewelry and gift cards.

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