unsoaped LLC – unlotion - $9

Plastic. Preservatives. Leaking in your purse. Your kid using it ALL in one use. We're talking LOTION here. All of those are bad things - but unlotion is a GOOD thing! Why is it 'un'? Because it's not in plastic; it has no synthetic chemicals/preservatives; is guaranteed to never leak in your purse; and it removes the 'fascination' of lotion in a bottle that kids seem to love? Abuse? SIGH. You've changed your lifestyle in the last month - how about one more change? Switch to unlotion for your body's needs. Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and mango butter will moisturize your skin and make it healthier over time. Add in some essential oils that are AMAZING for skin, and you'll be WINNING all around! Available in small (0.6 oz) and large (2 oz, about the size of a bar of soap) sizes. The small size lasts about 4 months with daily use on hands.

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