Emerging Indiana Food Brands Forum

Indiana Originals is a proud sponsor of the Emerging Indiana Food Brands Forum in partnership with Indiana Grown and Purdue University Monday, November 6, 2017. Pre-registration is now open! Register here.


Who's this for: This limited space conference is for emerging, local or regional Indiana food companies looking to grow market share. What: Indiana Grown members and regional, growing food companies have asked:
  • What are retail buyers and distributors looking for in a food vendor?
  • Once placed in the store how do we compete against national brands and hold our place on the shelf?
Who will be there:
  • Retail Lunch-n-Learn & Sample/Tastings
    • Special Guests
    • Up to 3+ top tier retailers
    • Up to 3+ regional distributors
  • Morning Development Classes
    • Up to 3 Purdue College of Agriculture Food Scientists
    • NewPoint food marketing
    • Special Guests
  • Parking is included with entry fee
  • Tables and electricity will be provided (bring your own table cloth)
  • More to come....