Create Your 20/20 Vision for 2020: Check-In*

Jun 01, 2020 @

We’re almost half way through 2020! That means it’s time for a check-in and learn what’s working and what’s not working and S H I F T.

Instead of having workshops, virtual private sessions are available starting June 1st and include:
✅ A Check-in! Let’s uncover what’s working and not working and why.
✅ Receive Coaching — What gets to shift in what area(s)? What would you like the rest of 2020 to look like after quarantine?
✅ Numerology — we’ll focus on your personal year number & life path number as you create what your next 6 months of 2020 look like.

Since we are connecting virtually, you’ll grab your daily journal at and have it delivered to your door!

Each private session is only $95/60 minutes virtually using Zoom. *First come first serve starting June 1st through July 31st.

Each person may need a different amount of time, so let’s start with a 60-minute session and go from there!

✨ For those who took the workshop in November/December/January, this is a check-in time!

✨ For those who would like to focus on creating a vision for the rest of 2020, this includes everything listed above AND:
• How would you like to feel for the next 6 months?
• What’s one intention/goal you’d like to focus on over the next 6 months?

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