Facilitative Leadership @ Nexus

Jul 28, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, July 27 – Friday, July 29
8:30am – 5:00pm, ET each day

Tapping the Power of Collaborative Action
Facilitative Leadership® is a transformational learning experience that expands participants’ ability to bring out the best in others. Great leaders and managers get things done, and they care deeply about their organizations’ success. But sometimes that’s not enough; despite heroic efforts, they may encounter roadblocks, lack of cooperation, and unforeseen delays. To get beyond these hurdles, it helps to make a simple distinction: Companies need managers, but people need leaders. Success depends just as much on your leaders’ ability to inspire and involve others as it does on their own personal effectiveness.

Our Facilitative Leadership® workshop explores the relationship between leadership and participation and offers a proven method for turning obstacles into opportunities. Seven Leadership Practices provide a framework for improving the effectiveness of a team, project, and organizational leaders. Workshop participants will learn how great leaders inspire commitment and make people feel they are part of a larger, more meaningful effort.

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn to:
– Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision.
– Focus on the work process, group relationships, and business results for multidimensional success
– Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership of strategies, tactics, and results
– Design powerful “Pathways to Action” to help change initiatives succeed.
– Facilitate agreement among involved stakeholders for smoother implementation
– Coach those you lead for better performance and deeper commitment
– Celebrate success and accomplishment to create a satisfying work environment

Who Should Attend?
People managers who are responsible for the performance and development of others; project leaders and managers who are responsible for guiding projects to successful outcomes.

Benefits for Your Organization
Leaders will learn to maintain organizational direction and momentum while enabling people to take risks, innovate and “own” the outcomes. Graduates of Facilitative Leadership® report major improvements in:
– Productivity
– Worker-management relations
– Customer response
– Decision making
– Cross-functional collaboration

Workshop Series Price
$2,495 which includes 3 full days of Workshop Sessions, two catered meals per day, and Processing Fee.

Venue Address
Nexus Impact Center
9511 Angola Ct Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46268

PDU Information
After attending Facilitative Leadership, graduates who are members of PMI are eligible to report 16 PDUs for the program.

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