How to Exit the Matrix! course

Jul 11, 2022 @

We are unlearning different parts and pieces about ourselves and our lives.

🤔 Do any of these sound familiar?

• Societal standards of beauty and diet culture

• How to use my voice and set boundaries

• No longer seeking external validation and unconditionally Loving myself

• Asking for support

• Believing in myself and my worth

• Putting my dreams and vision first instead of other’s

💭 Would you like to receive foundational tools to help you unlearn these societal standards? Help you’ll no longer allow your ego to run your life? And instead, you’ll live a life of freedom, compassion, and self-awareness.

💡 Over 6-weeks, in How to Exit the Matrix course you’ll receive new lessons along with a journaling worksheet each week on how to exit the matrix with faith and power.

Lessons include:

• What is the matrix?

• How to break down the walls that hold us in the matrix

• What happened to choice?

• Why are you failing to exit the matrix?

• How to fail forward and live in Divine harmony?

🙌🏻 Make a commitment to yourself today. Because you’re worth it. And as you shift, so do others around you. This is the best way to create change. Go within and do your personal work.

📆 *The course starts the week of July 11th! You’ll be in an online community of like-minded beings. Every week a new lesson is available in the online group. You’ll also receive live coaching from Karmen as well.

🤯 Because there’s SO much information covered, you’ll have access for the lifetime of the course!

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Exit the Matrix Today!