Live On Purpose course*

Jun 30, 2022 @

🎉 Would you like to feel happy and experience FREEDOM in your life?

Learn how to tap into your intuition and your personal power to get CLARITY 👀 and direction in your life and/or your career.

💜 Create a life you Love and feel alive!

🔥 This course is designed to guide you through the process of rediscovering your passions and gifts and start to understand WHY you’re here and how to live on PURPOSE! Learn how to bring PASSION into everything you do.

  What you’ll experience when you take this course:
• Receive Spiritual tools to connect with your inner-Divine-self you can use daily
• Understand how everything around you impacts you and how to work with these energies
• Rediscover your passions and gifts and how you can use them to help others
• Gain clarity and direction in your life and/or career
• Enjoy life again by feeling happy and free!

📚 Topics include:
• Meditation • Journaling • Private ThetaHealing® Session • Private Numerology Session • Angel Guides • Pendulums • Astrology • Coaching around what is needed during the course.

🔑 Join the Live On Purpose course and receive new ‘life tools’ to connect with your authentic self, connect with God, and understand ‘why’ you’re here and how to Live On Purpose.

🦋 This is an investment in your healing journey. It’s an investment in YOU.

📆 *Grab your spot in this 8-week virtual group course by June 30th. Class starts the week of July 4th with limited availability.

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