TABOO! Tribe's Taboo Talk - Global Women's Event @ Nexus

Sep 23, 2022 @ 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Let’s get REAL in 2022! Be ready to listen, share, ask the TABOO stuff no one wants to! 

About this event 
What is this TABOO! Women’s “Event?” It’s not like anything you’ve ever been to before! Before COVID, this was a quarterly women’s luncheon that began in 2017 in Indiana by four friends, colleagues, and assertive go-getters who were looking for a way to break out of the norm to create a candid and driven experience unlike any other women are used to for corporate events.  Thus, the TABOO! Tribe Luncheon was created.  Since then, it’s now become a GLOBAL Community for world-changing women who aren’t afraid to speak what’s on their minds!
The event, now spanning many time-zones, is a nice mix of connecting, eating, laughing, partaking in bubbly, and TAKING “ME-TIME.”  And, includes a panel of women typically in a male-dominated industry! Discussions are centered around what challenges and successes they’ve had AS a women in a male-dominated field, the support/mentorship they’ve received from men (and women!), and yes sometimes it’s about what MEN get away with vs. WOMEN… and VICE VERSA!
 Once you register – if you are a VIRTUAL ATTENDEE, you will find the ZOOM event link in the THANK YOU for registering page.

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