Featured Member: Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits

Local entrepreneur and organizing expert, Holly Hospel, has the solution to all your home paperwork and organizational demands! Her business, Ahh Hah! Organizer Kits are attractive, inexpensive and customization home organizers for three-ring binders.

Each kit comes with professionally printed tabs, a table of contents, a cover and spine.  And each is created with input from experts so customers immediately benefit from professional expertise. Plus, they become keepsakes over the years that make them a great gift idea. And your recipes, pet records, medical records, wedding planning, or financial records, now have a tidy attractive home!

So, what drew Holly to become an "organizational" entrepreneur? She says she believes she has something valuable to offer others. "I find energy from growing a business that provides something others can benefit from," says Holly. "By employment, upward mobility, a product line that is practical and attractive and provides support for an organized lifestyle that can positively snowball into a simpler life." Holly's idea to start her own business came from inheriting her penchant for organizing paperwork with binders from her father. Professionally, she says she went on to become a trade show organizer and found binders to be the best project-based form of organization. It was from there that she standardized three meeting planning kits for meetings, conference and trade shows. "And they sold!" She said. "It turned out that people liked saving time and money by avoiding the cumbersome process of creating, buying supplies and printing the tabs." So, she took her product, reinvented it and ran with it. She thought, "Why not provide useful kits to everyone? Helping people organize their household paperwork became the mission and the new home-based Organizer Kits product was born." Since her initial product launch, Holly says the kits themselves have evolved over the years, changing their look and optimizing their categories. Even customers on Amazon will voluntarily provide suggestions, which will become incorporated into the kits. Right now, there are ten different kinds of kits for sale and there are several more new kits in development as well! When it comes to getting the word out about her business, Holly says that's her main goal for the year. "And who better than to the people in my own backyard! Indiana offers loads of opportunities to start creating a buzz around my product line." For now and in the near future, she says she's researching the costs of exhibiting in Indiana's Home Show, as well as finding other online sales channels or PR buzz. Her advice to those thinking of starting their own business? "Take a first small step," says Holly. "Do a little bit, then a little bit more. Keep going and be stubborn. Persistence wins."