Featured Member: Cafe Baby

Mother and daughter duo, Jeannie Marrugo and Sherri Sego say they've always been leery of processed foods, especially when it came to thinking about starting Jeannie's infant daughter, Camila, on solid foods. Jeannie says since she and her husband don't consume many processed foods, it wasn't really an option to feed them to their daughter either. Their only other option was to make little Camila's food from scratch, which for Jeannie, was a daunting task for this working mom. Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of time is always of the essence, she wondered how she would spend so much of it preparing fresh baby food for her daughter while juggling the demands of everyday life. She felt she couldn't be the only parent who felt this way- also feeling the intimidation by the world of solid foods for babies and asking herself questions like, When can they have this? How much are they supposed to have? How do I know if they're allergic to something? All these questions got her thinking about the fast-paced world we live in and how everything is delivered right to your door nowadays, but what if fresh baby food could be delivered to your door too? So she approached her mom Sherri with the idea, who quickly jumped on board. Jeannie says between her mother's love of cooking and her business state-of-mind, Cafe Baby was born. "We not only provide busy parents with a complete menu from starting solids to the wonderful world of toddlers, but we also love to be a resource to parents who don't need our services and have questions," says Jeannie. "It honestly just happened. I always knew what entrepreneurship was but never thought it would happen to me and I don't think my mom did either. We had an idea that we were passionate about and we turned it into a business we love." Jeannie says she believes many parents might also feel intimidated by having to go to a large company to ask questions about their baby food products. She says it's important for people to have a face for the product their using and feeding to their children. "We want to be known as the local go-to spot for parents and caregivers to start their babies on solids or to ask questions if they need help making their own food," she added. The biggest lesson Jeannie says she's learned from growing her own business? "Nothing happens overnight. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work. Find the right people for your team who are as passionate as you are and the right people to network with. Don't give up!"   Be on the lookout for some of these great upcoming events with Cafe Baby:
  • OB/GYN of Indiana's OH BABY! on Sunday, February 25th at 12:00pm | 502 East Event Centre | 502 E Carmel Dr. Carmel, IN 46032
  • Carmel Winter Market until February 24th
  • Carmel Summer Market starting May 5th through October
Jeannie and Sherri say they're hoping to be in the Fishers Farmers Market and Broad Ripple Farmers Market all summer long, but if you can't wait until summer, you can find them at Lick Ice Cream's Kitchen at the Circle City Industrial Complex where their delicious and fresh-made food is available for purchase!     Learn more about Cafe Baby here: https://www.indianaoriginals.com/listing/cafe-baby-llc-2