Featured Member: Elegance Outdoor

Elegance Outdoor, based in Greenfield, Indiana, is a locally owned and operated landscaping business. Co-owned by Keely and Brandon Butrum, they provide landscape, irrigation, lighting, hardscape, and much more for homeowners and companies. Brandon had been doing landscaping for 10 years, and Keely had been a financial advisor for 12 years, when the idea of Elegance Outdoor was born. They say, “Starting your own business is very hard…you need to prepare to give more of yourself than you ever have before in your other work.  There are countless unpaid hours.  There are surprises.  There are disappointments.  It isn’t easy, and sometimes it feels like a roller coaster.  However, the freedom of thinking and creating and producing and offering something that you are the root of - and on your terms - provides a fulfillment that offsets all the hardships and inconveniences.  You can do it!!!”   This “you can do it” attitude is what sets them apart from others in their field. “We enjoy having real connectivity to the people choosing Elegance Outdoor.  Being a small business offers the ability to really know your customers.  No one is just a number that hires Elegance Outdoor.” Connecting with other small businesses, and meeting those who support local are also an important thing to them and their business. “Once upon a time, people lived in communities to be close to resources.  Now we can sit in our pajamas in an armchair and order products from halfway around the world to be dropped at our doorstep.  Convenient?  Yes, but what is the impact?  In comparison to how long people have been living in Indiana, this new way of doing global business via the internet is still relatively new and prevents us from going down to the corner store to buy from our neighbors who are also trying to put food on the table.  If everyone bought more local the impact in our communities could be huge, and we want to be part of promoting that message.”   Thanks so much for all that you do! Learn more about Elegance Outdoor here.