Featured Member: Elizabeth Maora

Indianapolis-based, local business entrepreneur, Elizabeth Sickels, says she was done feeling like she was stuck in a box when it came to dealing with the mediocrity of her day job in corporate engineering. So, she wanted a change.

"I need freedom, creativity and being able to make my own titles," she said. "I had put 'Executive Goddess' at Ford and it got me in a bit of trouble." Elizabeth decided that being her own boss was the right move for her, and she created Elizabeth Maora to reflect her love of hosting folks and showing off all that Indianapolis and Indiana has to offer! Elizabeth Maora specializes in consulting, hosting and managing services for short-term rentals and home sharing. It boasts itself as a full service boutique firm, providing interior/exterior and landscaping design, complete furnishing as well as full management for home sharing (ex Airbnb, Home Away, VRBO). There's also an emphasis on local products in the homes managed, having a partnership with Tinker Street Coffee, Joannie Viola, Comfort Option and Purposeful Design. Her advice to anyone who's thinking about starting their own business? "Do it. Don't worry about a perfect business plan, just go take action and take the risk!" Elizabeth adds while it's hard to start a business and making it profitable and sustainable, she says she loves the community support in Indy for not only her, but for all local business owners. If Elizabeth's services are piquing your interest, make sure to ask her about her one of a kind "experience" she's adding on to Elizabeth Maora in the near future! "It's called Exclusive Access for not only our short-term rental guests, but also guests from other hosts," she said. "It's going to be EPIC!!!"       Learn more about Elizabeth Maora here: https://www.indianaoriginals.com/listing/indianapolis-array-elizabeth-maora