Featured Member: Frangipani Body Products

  Local business entrepreneur, Tracy Land, says she had been making her own natural, facial products when one day, a friend asked her if she could try some. Then, a couple days later, that same friend called her and exclaimed, "You need to sell this!" A few years after that, when she was laid off her job, she decided to take the plunge and see if selling any of her body care products actually worked. It did. In 2008, Land started Frangipani Body Products, which offers safer, natural skin care products to people concerned about what they were applying to their skin. "It was a total fluke! I never planned on it, but it was the natural progression of my life," she says. All Frangipani products are plant-based and are made without using any man-made chemicals or synthetics. Some ingredients include steam distilled essential oils, cold pressed carrier oils, certified organic ingredients when available and are otherwise sourced from native regions. Her advice to anyone who's thinking about taking the plunge themselves and starting their own business? "Patience and persistence. My daily motto," says Land. "Local businesses are really the heartbeat of a community. I know that I love when I meet the owner of a business, or maker of a product. It adds a special touch to whatever it is I'm buying." She plans on expanding Frangipani Body Products to new retail locations in the near future, and bringing in more online sales.
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