Featured Member: Howe Leadership

If you're looking for some guidance and helpful tips on how to get your business up and running, or anything else pertaining to business services, look no further than Larry Howe, founder of locally-owned Howe Leadership. Larry's Indianapolis-based consulting business provides hands-on support to other business owners who have become victims of their own success,  working alongside them to develop the business processes, supporting technology and people who will sustain their businesses in the long run. Larry says the inspiration to branch out on his own and become a "solopreneur" as he calls it, came from years of exciting opportunities that involved participating in several start-ups which helped him bridge the gap from corporate work life to a solo entrepreneur. He says his decision to start Howe Leadership stemmed from the convergence of skills he acquired, needs in the local business community that he observed and a passion to help other entrepreneurs succeed. "It creates a common bond among business owners who share similar values," says Larry. His advice to anyone who's thinking of starting their own business? "A wise person observed: The path is worn but it is new for you. So reach out for help from those who have already walked the path you are on."     Learn more about Howe Leadership here: https://www.indianaoriginals.com/listing/7637-normandy-blvd-indianapolis-in-46278-service-provider-howe-leadership