Featured Member: Poppy's Petals

When Tina Dalton's father, Tim, passed away she says she and her mother, Pat, thought it would be a terrible idea to throw away the many, wonderful flowers that were left for Tim at his funeral. It was then that Pat came up with the idea to start making jewelry out of those flower petals by creating memorial jewelry for her family, and the concept caught on when people in the area began taking notice. Tina of Jasper, Indiana, says "Poppy's Petals" only grew from there. "We come from a very artistic family. We take pride in the importance of the arts in society," she says. "Poppy's Petals is an extension of our need to create." Tina says if you're thinking about starting your own business, there's one thing you should consider: Make connections and be true to yourself and your product. "We are unique and have a good reputation because we are accessible to our customers," says Tina. "We are always looking at new ways to create memorial items for our customers." Not only does Pat take tremendous pride in her jewelry-making and other keepsakes, she has already sent them to eager customers throughout the country and doesn't charge a dime in shipping! If you're wondering how "Poppy's Petals" got its name, its what Pat's grandchildren used to fondly call Tim- "Poppy."     Learn more about Poppy's Petals here: https://www.indianaoriginals.com/listing/poppys-petals-2