Featured member: Power Body Language

Although Lisa worked in corporate operations at a national media company for 18 years, she says she always felt compelled to have a bigger impact. So, she started learning as much as she could, and became energized and inspired to start something of her own. In 2015, Lisa became a certified body language trainer and nonverbal skills coach. Using this new certification, Power Body Language was born. Being a small business certainly does have its benefits, and Lisa’s favorite thing is seeing the impact she can have on people. “I always tell people they will walk out with three new skills that will be immediately applicable: increased confidence, better first impressions, and the ability to gain someone’s trust quicker. It’s fun to see people walk out with new confidence.” Other benefits of being a small business include the connections she’s made through Indiana Originals. In fact, she has planned a workshop with another Indiana Originals business! By the end of March, Lisa will begin launching podcasts. Lisa says she, “wants to stop having conversations that are polite, and start have real conversations. People want realness. They don’t want overly polished discussions.” For those thinking of starting their own business, Lisa says, “Don’t let the idea of failure stop you or slow you down. Fear kills innovation. Be brave, and know that failure is part of how you learn.” Lisa is available for one-on-one, training workshops, and inspirational speaking, but has recently focused on empowering women. You can learn more about her here!