Featured Member: Handcrafted Jewelry by Teri C.

Teri C. has always had a creative side to her. She began making potholders and bracelets when she was younger, but inevitably began working in the corporate field, while keeping her creative passion on the side as a hobby. Once she left the corporate world, she finally had time to grow what she is most passionate about. She says, “I took a beading class, and fell in love. I actually had time to do something for myself.” And her business has flourished ever since, although she wants to grow slowly, Teri thinks that 2016 will be a year for growth, development, and connections. Meeting and connecting with other artists is her favorite part about being a small business, “meeting with other artists is almost like oxygen to me. We feed off each other. We understand things the outside world does not understand.” She believes that Indiana Originals has helped with connecting her to other artists. She, like many, see that the small, local business movement is coming back stronger than ever. For those thinking about starting a small business? “I would say that if this is your passion and you can do it full time, that’s awesome. If you can’t do it full time, do it on the side and then grow it. Take a leap of faith. There is no age limit for having your own business. You can start young or old, just take a leap of faith.” Teri’s leap of faith into the jewelry making business certainly has paid off. Thanks so much for all that you do, Teri! Good luck in 2016, and congratulations on all your success! For more information, please visit: http://www.tacbeaddazzled.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html