Featured Member: Vine & Branch

Jud Scott, owner of Vine & Branch, has been in the tree-care business for 40 years now. He began in high school, when he simply collected tree limbs that had fallen after one of the classic Indiana ice storms. He says, “the next summer people would say, ‘can you get that limb out of the tree too?’” After graduating from Wabash, he decided that this was his true calling in life. Today, Jud says his favorite thing about being a small business is “The dedication of the Vine & Branch team. They are what makes Vine & Branch great. They are very client focused as well as a group of well trained arborists!” This love of his own small business has infiltrated most aspects of his life, and he loves the quality of service he receives when he works or deals with another small business. For those thinking of starting a small business, Jud says, “Be prepared to work hard, and always look to hire well, and surround yourself with the best advisors. You need a good attorney, accountant, and insurance company.” For more information, please visit their website: http://vineandbranch.net To shop from their line of furniture made from recycled wood, please visit: http://www.vineandbranchfurniture.com