Fight for Small is a local initiative to make Indiana the most 'online' state in the United States. The stats very, but it is a safe bet to say 47% to 53% of small businesses in Indiana don't have a website. Most that do have a website are not utilizing them to their fullest potential.  inSourceCode, the company that built Indiana Originals.com and many other websites, intends to fix that.

inSourceCode found that most business owners don’t’ even know where to start when it comes to utilizing online products.  Working with business owners ourselves and being a small business, we understand how the internet can be intimidating. Facebook, mobile apps, YouTube, SEO, Twitter, blogging, email, and whatever they come up with next takes time to learn and manage and can cost a significant amount of money when you add up everything. 

Everyone at Fight for Small is ready to coach, train, and help small business owners build their online presence to grow revenue and a grow our local economies.  Classes are usually free or a nominal fee. We hope to see you at one!  To learn more, visit fightforsmall.com.

Leading local living,

Lance and Mel