CycleBar Carmel

About Us

CycleBar® Carmel is more than a ride. It’s a journey of self-discovery. With indoor cycling rides designed for all fitness levels, we promise to empower, inspire, and elevate you throughout every day.


CycleBar® will motivate you with energizing rides tailored to all fitness and experience levels. Enjoy premium amenities, CycleStats® personal performance tracking, CycleBeats® mind-blowing playlists, and invigorating classes led by certified CycleBar® instructors. We pride ourselves on covering every detail so you can clip in, clear your mind, dig deep, and Rock Your Ride™.


CycleBar exists to invigorate. Our riders come to feel alive. To live in the moment, and live for themselves. Because they know whether they ride the best in class or are just starting out, CycleBar is where they belong.

We are driven by music. Not swayed by fads. Never a follower. Always accepting. A little bit of a rebel. A lot of heart.

Our Locations

CycleBar Carmel

11545 IKEA Way, Suite 630 Fishers, IN, USA

CycleBar Carmel

12697 North Pennsylvania Street, Carmel, IN 46032, USA

Business Hours

Monday: 6am|8am|5:30pm|6:45pm
Tuesday: 6am|12pm|5:30pm|6:45pm
Wednesday: 6am|8am|5:30pm|6:45pm
Thursday: 6am| 12pm|5:30pm|6:45pm
Friday: 6am|8am|5:30pm
Saturday: 8am|9:15am|10:30am
Sunday: 9:15am|10:30am


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