Indiana Originals Features Bob Dapper of Royal Spa on 93.1 WIBC

On Sunday, September 29, 2018, Terri Stacy and Mel McMahon chat with Bob Dapper of Royal Spa about giving back to the community, providing for families, and scooping kitty litter. (Trust us, it will all make sense). Hear a new featured member each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. on 93.1 WIBC. Thanks for listening! [audio mp3=""][/audio]   About Royal Spa: In 1981 Rick Bartlett and Bob Dapper started Royal Spa by making hot tubs on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana.  They were 18 years old and engineering students at the time.   The primary product expanded from hot tubs to include saunas, swim spas, gazebos and whirlpool baths as the company continued to custom make luxury products. Royal Spa began manufacturing spas and support accessories in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1981 and incorporated as Royal Spa Corporation in 1983.   In 1996 the focus of Royal Spa shifted from trying to make similar products for less money than our competitors to making the “Best of the Best.”  While others were making products that were cheap and easy to make, we decided to make them cheap and easy to own for our customers. Our different spa lines are designed to give customers the option to choose what best suits their needs.   Today we are a full service manufacturer with an over 89,000 square foot plant located in the southwest part of Indianapolis. Our plant includes a full service vacuum forming and fiberglass shop where we vacuum form our hot tub and swim spa shells, a full service wood shop where we manufacture our spa cabinets, gazebos, saunas, and steps, as well as a mold shop where we design and produce our own molds, a complete assembly plant, a full line service department and a factory showroom. If it is related to spas, we make it from the ground up.   We are committed to providing quality spas, swim spas, gazebos, saunas and float tanks that meet the needs of our customers and dealers. We take pride in being able to offer you smartly engineered equipment with many unique features found only in Royal Spa products.  We build products that will outlast their owners, are inexpensive to maintain and operate, and that will be inexpensive to repair after warranties have expired. After seeing our spas and accessory products, we’re certain you’ll agree that we have achieved our goals.     Learn more at,,   This production is made possible with the help of the following:   Recorded with Terri Stacy, First Day | Broadcasted by 93.1 WIBC | Imaging by Steve O'Brien, SOVO Creative, Inc. | Music Credit to The Elms, "Back to Indiana"