On Sunday, August 30, 2015, Terri Stacy and Mel McMahon met with David Palmer, Founder of Purposeful Design. Discover how they are building more than just furniture. They are building lives.  Listen to the Indiana Originals Local Business Spotlight every Sunday at 10:45AM on 93.1 WIBC! [audio mp3=""][/audio] About Purposeful Design: Purposeful Design™ allows men to step into a job where they make a good wage, receive training and enjoy positive relationships. And as we work, we seek to know more about the God who created us and His plan for our life. Others, just ordinary people like you and I, can help achieve all this simply by putting unique, hand-made furniture in our homes-not so much because of what it does for your home or my home, but for what it does for their home! Today, Purposeful Design™ is taking action for families in our city by attacking joblessness! How does PD address this? Three simple steps: Organizations such as Wheeler Mission recommend men who are ready to work. We source rough cut wood from Hebron, a substance abuse rehabilitation camp in Brown County, Indiana, where a saw mill is operated. The saw mill provides the Hebron men work, training and income. Purposeful Design™ then assembles and finishes beautiful, hand-made, rustic furniture and sells the finished product to delighted customers across our city. Just like each family is a little different, each piece of furniture produced is just a little different. We can make an impact on our city, family by family, by putting Purposeful Design™ furniture in our homes and offices. And, remember, it isn’t so much what it’ll do for our home or office, but for what it will do for their home! Purposeful Design™ is furniture that helps families. It is furniture with a purpose. Learn more about Purposeful Design on their Indiana Originals profile and at