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On Sunday, August 9, 2015, Terri Stacy and Mel McMahon met with Troy Hanna, CEO of AddressTwo. Listen to the Indiana Originals Local Business Spotlight every Sunday at 10:45AM on 93.1 WIBC! [audio mp3=""][/audio] About AddressTwo:
Begin at the Beginning It's important to begin the story at the beginning. 7 years before AddressTwo was dreamed up, creator Nick Carter began his career in direct sales with a company called Vector Marketing. Using the historic "three-by-five" or "one-card" system, Nick hit the phones weekly to set appointments and continue selling. Soon after, he grew into a corporate software sales role—and upgraded to a CRM program called Goldmine. Throughout Nick's sales career, he understood contacts were valuable, and efficiency was key.
An Entrepreneurial Venture In 2005, Carter and Company, LLC was born—a marketing consulting firm. Though it began with just Nick, the business quickly grew to a successful full-service agency... until one project changed the business forever. A seemingly small part of a major rebranding project included email and direct mail. But fulfilling this deliverable revealed a fundamental problem: The client had no reliable database. They evaluated popular CRM systems—, ACT, and even Goldmine. But what they wanted was something simple. Something easy to use. Something designed by an expert in sales and marketing.
"It's like I have my own custom CRM. I email Nick one day, the next day he's added a new feature or improved existing ones." -- Larry Kevin Adams, Professional Sales Coach
AddressTwo was released in beta in June 2008. By August, there were 10 users. By the winter, another 30 had joined in. Today, over 10,000 users around the world run their businesses with AddressTwo. Why is it so popular? Because the creator, Nick Carter, is a salesperson, not a software engineer. He is a marketing professional, not a programmer. And, so are the users. Which is why at AddressTwo, we listen to your ideas... and we deliver.
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