Joe's Movie Picks, Aug. 7, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie hits Indianapolis Aug. 8 It's been a busy week at The Film Yap--we're revelling in the post-Indy Film Fest haze (which means we're trying to get some rest and spend time with our family, because we're exhausted), but August at the movies means no rest for the weary. I attended last night's screening of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (here is my review) at the AMC Showplace 17 on the south side. If you were there, you'll recognize me as the single dad with three kids. No, I'm not REALLY a single dad--my wife was out with friends while I hefted our kids up on my shoulder for a ride half way around 465 to see a movie. If you've never attended a free advance screening, you really should try it out sometime. It's a mix of adrenaline and frustration, driving up to an hour (depending on where you live versus the theater the screening is being held at), then standing in line with relative confidence that you'll actually get in the door, only to cram into your seats (even if you're lucky enough to get there early, you'll likely be asked to scoot down from your hand-chosen seats into other seats so that those arriving late can get in). But there's still a buzz in the air. I mean, you're about to see a free movie...that isn't even out yet. And sometimes--just sometimes--there is free swag to be gotten. T-shirts, posters, and some of the weirdest, most random stuff you can imagine. Once a radio station gave away an Xbox and a couple of iPods. I myself have handed out countless t-shirts and movie posters, and have been the recipient of weird odd prizes. It's a blast, invigorating and worth the effort. Did I mention The Film Yap gives out free movie passes? We have 2 contests running next week: one for the buddy cop comedy "Let's Be Cops," and one for the flowery chick flick "The Expendables 3." So anyway...the Ninja Turtles. Check out my review. I mean, Internet traffic is kind of why I do this in the first place, you know? Other movies starting this week: "Into the Storm," whose biggest star is That Guy from The Hobbit (but you don't recognize him because of all of the makeup), and Lori from "The Walking Dead." My Partner in Yapping Christopher Lloyd reviewed that one, so read his review , where he drops the single best joke I've heard him tell in the more than 5 years I've known him.

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I'm also hearing GREAT stuff about Richard Linklater's latest movie "Boyhood," which I haven't seen yet, but again has been reviewed on my site, this time by intrepid reporter Evan Dossey. He's a good kid, and you should trust his opinion. He awarded "Boyhood" 5 Yaps, which is the highest praise we give out. Here's his review. 

"I Origins" is also opening in town for a brief run. I already mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, as it opened the Indy Film Fest. It's a kind of batty art film, fun and not afraid to be a little out there. Check it out as well.

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