Joe's Movie Picks-July 16

filmfest-in1 If you're hungry for movies, the Indy Film Fest starts July 17! One of the city's premiere film festivals, the Indy Film Fest is a local outfit that prides itself on its diverse array of films both domestic and international. For the fifth straight year The Film Yap boasts the Best Indy Film Fest Coverage IN THE WORLD! From top to bottom, no one outside of the IFF offices sees more Indy Film Fest movies or interviewed more of its filmmakers than The Film Yap! Check out our coverage here, then go here to buy tickets and reserve your spot now! The Indy Film Fest runs July 17-25 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. If you've never been, go this year. If you have, go again! If you're looking to hit the regular cinemas this weekend, you have a couple of options. "The Purge: Anarchy" is another serviceable thriller about an American society where all crimes, specifically murder, are legal for one night a year. Frank Grillo, who played the villainous Crossbones in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" earlier this year, plays a superhero-ish role and evokes memories of another superhero, The Punisher. Maybe a third reboot is in order. Also starting is the comedy "Sex Tape," starring Cameron Diaz and her "Bad Teacher" co-star Jason Segel. The duo plays a couple looking to spice up their relationship by, as Keanu Reeves once famously said, "record their love." When their tape is distributed to friends and family by accident, their lives are turned upside down. Did you miss the free advance screening of "A Brony Tale"? That one is the most recent documentary chronicling men who have a potentially disturbing fixation with "My Little Pony." Film Yap writer Ben Johnson caught the screening and has a review of it up at The Film Yap. Also, if you haven't yet seen "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," go out of your way to see it. The "Apes" reboot is turning into a fantastic(ally overlooked) franchise, and it's more than worth your time. It made $70 mil this weekend, and if you want quality flicks like this one to continue being made, speak with your wallet! The Film Yap also has a new movie pass giveaway up! Head over here if you're interested in free passes to see an advance screening of "And So It Goes," starring Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton and directed by Friend of The Film Yap Rob Reiner! That's it for this week. Be sure to let me know what you’ve been watching-catch up with The Film Yap on Facebook ( and Twitter (@TheFilmYap), or drop me a line at Until next time, let’s go out to the movies!   filmyap_logo_red_textJoe Shearer of The Film YapAbout Joe: Joe Shearer is the co-owner of The Film Yap, a collection of Central Indiana’s Premier Film Geeks. He has written movie reviews for INtake and The Magazine and for publications like MovieMaker Magazine, the Indianapolis Star, and Indianapolis Monthly. You can read more of Joe’s work and all of the latest in movie reviews, interviews, commentaries and other movie coverage, as well as free movie pass giveaways and more, at