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Christian Tombers is a sales trainer and coach, motivational speaker and out of the box thinker with over 40 years of experience in helping customers to want to buy your products! Today, Christian shares the difference between selling and convincing your customers that they want to buy. Christian also shares how to reduce your no-show rate and who you should call first when you have a new product.


Basic and Advanced Sales Training

by Christian Tombers, IDSFA

International Sales Coach & Trainer

Charlie Tango Productions, LLC


I’m Christian Tombers, President of Charlie Tango Productions.

I’ve had 30+ years experience in sales, marketing, sales management,

sales training, and motivational speaking and offer two powerful workshops:


“ThinkSales101” is a fun, interactive Basic Introductory or Advanced Sales Training workshop that is suited for: the Un-Employed, the Employed, Job Clubs, Employment Services, Employment Consultants, In-Experienced New Company Sales Staff, Experienced Company Sales Staff, Company Owners, Company Managers, and any Entrepreneurs who have just started a new business or are looking to start a new business and would like to learn some basics about sales.

Are you an experienced sales representative who would like a “back-to-basics” refresher? You want to make sure you are still on the right track and moving in the right direction. Then this workshop is for you.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur, who is in the process of starting a business or has just begun a new business? You would like a clear idea of what sales is all about. Then this workshop is for you.

Are you looking for employment in a sales position listed as: “No Experience Necessary”?

You have “No Sales Experience”, and you would like to know what “Sales” is all about before you apply.

Then this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to key sales principles and techniques that will help them overcome the fear of selling and be more effective in converting potential customers into paying customers. It will also dispel some of the misconceptions about sales. My philosophy is simple: People don’t like to “be sold”. People do like to buy things. So, don’t sell them! Rather, “Cause Them To Want To Buy”, from you, happily and affordably. The resulting sale needs to be a profitable Win-Win for both you and your client.

You will learn what the “3 Most Common Objections” from prospective customers are and several ways how to handle them. You will get the “7 Most Common Benefits” why anybody buys anything, along with a technique and understanding of why you must include at least one of these, if not more, into your sales presentation.

First Wednesday of Month:

11:30 am till 1:00 pm ~ Limited Seating

Workshop Agenda ~ Different Topic Every Month:

~ Importance of Sales to The Business Owner

~ The Difference Between Marketing & Sales

~ Types of Sales

~ The 7 Benefits

~ Steps in The Sales Process

~ Psychology of Sales

~ Sales Language

~ + Fun & More

For specific dates and topics go to:

“The Conversation In Your Mind Can Make You Deaf And Make You Blind”

is an Interactive, Fun, Mind-Opening, Enlightening, Entertaining, Educational, Brain-Bending Workshop that will open participants’ ears to learn to hear what they haven’t been hearing and will open their eyes to see what they haven’t been seeing.

You will leave with valuable insights that can be immediately applied to your professional and daily lives.

This workshop would be of great benefit for: business people, sales people, teachers, entrepreneurs, creative people, job seekers, and students of all ages.

Interactive examples will be demonstrated through Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic means to show how our minds can trick and deceive us subliminally through brainwashing, forced direction, misdirection, and thought control. You can then learn to “hear” and “see” when these techniques are used upon yourself, or apply these insights to your own business and life, …of course honestly and ethically.

You will be able to experience mental breakthroughs and insights within yourself and observe others having the same. Real life examples will be presented to illustrate how Outside-The-Box Thinking has made a difference and resulted in a Positive Outcome and Positive Income.

The “9 Dots Puzzle” will be explained and how it inspired to “Think Outside The Box”.

The Original Solution using 4 straight lines to connect the 9 dots

Also, five additional rarely seen “9 Dots Puzzle” solutions:

1 Solution using only 3 straight lines to connect the 9 dots

4 Solutions using 1 straight line to connect the 9 dots

You are guaranteed to have new thinking tools that will assist you in enhancing your future business and personal life. – – – If not, that too is a valuable lesson, which could possibly be related to difficulties and challenges in other areas of your life.

As a participant in this workshop, you will also receive: Workbook – Handouts – Links & Resources


Custom dates and locations for the next classes of “ThinkSales101” and for the “Conversation In Your Mind…” workshops are available.

Please email or text me back with your preference of month, day of the week, and time of day that might best work for you. I will attempt to work out a schedule with several dates & location choices to accommodate as many participants as possible.

I am also available to come to your place of business for a presentation of either or both of these workshops to your staff.

Wishing you Health, Wealth, Success, and Happiness !



Christian Tombers, IDSFA

Creator & Founder
Charlie Tango Productions, LLC


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