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Factur specializes in lead generation services, outsourced sales, and marketing, specifically tailored for manufacturers. 

Factur understands the manufacturing industry. We understand that each manufacturing business is distinct, with its own set of challenges and goals. That’s why our strategies are specialized and detailed for this industry. We’re committed to diving deep into the specifics of our clients’ businesses to truly know and reach their ideal customers.  This is how we help our customers grow:

Lead Generation

Our lead generation approach goes beyond traditional methods. We focus on attracting the right audience for our clients’ products and services and transforming these prospects into genuine sales opportunities. Our methods are fine-tuned to introduce their offerings to potential customers at the most opportune moments.

Outsourced Sales

Imagine having an expert sales team without the overhead of hiring in-house. That’s what we provide. Our outsourced sales service extends our clients’ reach, harnessing our expertise to drive sales and foster business growth. We handle everything from initial contact to closing deals, ensuring a seamless sales process.


At Factur, we know the power of targeted marketing. Our team crafts and executes marketing strategies that resonate with our clients’ specific audiences. From targeted advertising to content marketing, we ensure the message not only reaches the right people but also engages and converts them.

What truly sets Factur apart is our non-commission-based model. Our account managers are driven by their clients’ success and partnership, rather than commission. This alignment means we are as invested in their long-term success, fostering a relationship based on growth and mutual benefits.

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Factur, Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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8am – 5pm Monday – Friday

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