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About Us

Hey friend!

It’s Karmen, your Divine Synergist of Heart’s Joy.

I’m looking for creatives who want to get unstuck and create a life you Love! Find your Divine alignment & direction & live your purpose.

As an awakened person of purpose, my destiny is to shed light on the paths of those who are open to living a life of freedom, self-awareness, passion, and clarity about their purpose in life.

Through a number of offerings, Heart’s Joy enables people to learn how to trust their inner-knowing and get clarity about how to move forward in all aspects of life.

Our goal is to reach those who feel stuck and move them into a space of joy and sovereignty. We achieve this through:

  • Our podcast, “Live in Divine Harmony”,
  • Creating community that stretches us and encourages growth
  • Our course offerings
  • Offering tools to assist energetically on your journey
  • For those needing or wanting more personal attention, we also offer one-on-one life coaching sessions, numerology sessions, and ThetaHealing® sessions.

I’m honored to work with you along your Spiritual journey!

Sending you Much Love 💜

Check out Heart’s Joy here ➡️  https://link.snipfeed.co/heartsjoy

Join our online community here ➡️ https://hearts-joy.mn.co/

🎧 Join us on Monday’s on YouTube at 7pmEST for our live podcast, Live in Divine Harmony or tune-in where podcasts are available.

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Heart's Joy

Indianapolis, IN, USA

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