Hippie Nerd Creations

About Us

Hippie Nerd Creations was created by the owner, Brandy Perry. She inherited her grandmother’s collection of 45’s the last time her grandmother moved. After looking over the 45’s that were stored in the garage for 30+ years Brandy realized that most, if not all of the collection were unplayable. She didn’t want to part with the records but she wasn’t sure what to do with them.

Brandy is pretty creative, she decided to start making bowls out of the old 45’s as gifts for people. Then one afternoon she brought a good friend a pair of earrings she made and asked: “what do you think?” Her friend absolutely loved them and encouraged her to make more earrings, and that’s exactly what Brandy did.

Hippie Nerd Creations has participated in numerous pop-up markets around Indianapolis, Westfield, Irvington, Carmel, Franklin, etc.  They currently have earrings for sale 3 locations Electric Key Records, Irvington Vinyl and Rebel Vintage.

Our Location

Hippie Nerd Creations

Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA