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The idea for Indiana Gifts had been brewing for years, but in 2020, co-founders Mel McMahon-Stone (Indiana Owned) and David Glenn (CoasterStone) decided to make it a reality. In early May, Mel and David recognized that many businesses and makers were losing income due to store closures, show cancellations, and event postponements. Small business owners depend on each other, and Mel and David were determined to help. They wanted to be part of the solution, not just a bystander to the effects of COVID-19. After a quick online meeting to brainstorm names, buy the domains, get the social media handles, and handle some legal work, Indiana Gifts was born.

The online store is more than just a business. Indiana Gifts is a way to support fellow Hoosier business owners and nonprofits while continuing their mission to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana. Indiana Gifts is launching a statewide non-profit fundraising program. 501c3 charities can sign up as an Indiana Gifts partner and receive 10% of any orders made through their official fundraising page. For more information on becoming a fundraising partner, email

Indiana Gifts features fun, beautiful, and sentimental products made by Indiana companies. Every product is hand-selected by their buying team and they love discovering new items.

Celebrate Indiana talent. Support Indiana creatives and causes. Send Indiana Gifts.

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