Indy Direct Docs

About Us

We are a Direct Primary Care medical practice for adults and children in Indianapolis.

We offer “blue collar concierge care.” You get family doctor care for an affordable membership fee. Much like a gym membership, you don’t pay extra for having to utilize our services more often – there is no additional fee for visits!

For less than $100 per month you get practically unlimited direct access to your family doctor including:

  • In person visits with your personal physician
  • Phone, text, and email communication directly with your doctor
  • Extended visits with your personal physician
  • Same and next day visits for urgent needs
  • After hours communication with your physician for urgent concerns
  • Significant lab test discounts
  • Preventive care including well child visits and adult annual exams
  • Care for both urgent issues and chronic medical conditions

Imagine reaching your physician when and how you need for all your basic health care needs – conveniently and hassle free. Say goodbye to surprise bills, complex phone trees, and long waits in packed waiting rooms. Welcome to a physician’s office you love as much as you like your actual doctor.

Our physicians also have additional care options outside of the Direct Primary Care membership. These include weight loss care, postpartum and fourth trimester care, and breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and lactation care.

Call or email us today to set up a free meet and greet with our physicians to discuss our Direct Primary Care membership or specialty offerings.

Our Location

Indy Direct Docs

2162 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA

Business Hours

Office Hours Monday through Friday 9am-5m

Members have private after hours access via text and phone to their personal physician for urgent concerns.

Service Area

Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs


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