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My name is Grace Simmons and I am the everything you see behind Mabel Grace Crafts.

I have been a crafter since childhood and some of my favorite memories are making silly things with my siblings; from stuffed animal clothing out of socks, to friendship bracelets, to bookmarks made out of glue (I know- bad idea) I loved all of it. I took ceramics, sewing, photography, and jewelry in high school and some more jewelry and metal-working in college. I have a very intense need to accomplish things, whether that is crossing things off a checklist or actually producing something. I joked my whole childhood about “starting a business” with my sister and 20 some years later, I was finally brave enough to start actually trying to sell items.

I’m sure your wondering why my store is called “Mabel” Grace, that’s quite simple. Mabel is my dog and acts as emotional support staff. She is a big part of this operation.

Thanks for being here,


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Mabel Grace Crafts

Tipton, Indiana

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My website is always open & ship all over the world. I try to respond to emails and messages as soon as I can.

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